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Fermin Gomez Fraile
Vice-President EFNDT 

New BoD elected at General Assembly meeting in Gothenburg, June 2018

At the meeting of the General Assembly of the European Federation for NDT (EFNDT) held in Gothenburg on 12 June 2018, the following personnel were elected to the new Board of Directors. Since the end of October, hen Mr. Lyon passed away became a new Prezident Mr. Fraile:

President: Fermin Gomez Fraile
Elected Members:
Michele Carboni
Anton Erhard
Gerald Idinger
Etienne Martin
Yordan Mirchev
Pavel Mazal
Alexander Mullin*
Jan Verkooijen

*Also Vice-Chair ECEC

Co-opted Directors (non-voting):
Gerhard Aufricht
Dominique Moussebois

Ex-officio Members (non-voting):
Bento Ottone Alves (President ECNDT 2022)
David Gilbert (Secretary General and Communications Secretary)
Rene Klieber (Auditor)
Matthias Purschke (ECEC Chair)
Peter Trampus (Past President)

British Institute of NDT (BINDT)

Created on 31 July 2018


M. Purschke, Chairman ECEC, 

A. Mullin, Vice Chairman ECEC

Created on 08 January 2019